Accounting and financial statement reporting is the hallmark of public accounting firms. At Bevis, Eberhart, Browning, Walker & Stewart, P.C., we pride ourselves in providing high quality, value-added accounting services that are tailored to meet your unique needs, while always adhering to the highest moral, ethical and professional standards required of our profession.


We offer the following accounting services, on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, to aid you in your decision making, banking relations and tax compliance.


Accounting and Financial Reporting Services

  • compilation and review of financial statements
  • prepare adjusting journal entries
  • prepare and update depreciation schedules
  • prepare cash receipts, cash disbursements and payroll journals
  • prepare general ledger detailing all activity by account
  • prepare closing entries
  • preparation of customized schedules and reports
  • oversight and review of bookkeeping and payroll services
  • implementation and improvement of accounting system


In addition, we offer the following outsourcing services for bookkeeping and payroll at a cost substantially less than hiring a full- or part-time employee.


Bookkeeping Services

  • account coding of checks and input into accounting system
  • monthly reconciliation of bank accounts
  • check writing for invoices that have been approved for payment
  • record payroll transactions


Payroll Services

  • calculating payroll checks and deductions
  • writing of payroll checks and/or direct deposit
  • detailed current period and year-to-date information on employee check stubs;
  • comprehensive payroll reports;
  • timely payment of all payroll tax deposits;
  • prepare all federal and state payroll tax returns;
  • preparation of employee's Form W-2's


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Being our first priority ensures you the maximum in service quality and attention.


-Susan Johnson,