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Legal Services

Legal Services

It's tough being an attorney these days – no fault insurance, tort reform, law revisions and now we can add IRS reporting and filing requirements. The IRS is getting tough on client advances, compensation, structured settlements – in fact one of the first IRS industry audit specialization programs was aimed at the legal profession. At Bevis, Eberhart, Browning, Walker & Stewart, P.C., our experience in handling these and other tax issues enables us to assist your firm in:

  • Choice of entity
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Owner compensation issues
  • Client advances
  • Cash receipts reporting
  • Retirement planning and administration
  • Trust services

We work closely with our law clients ensuring that they stay aware of current IRS issues that may affect their practice. We regularly review legal publications for any issues that may affect our clients, taking a proactive approach to helping them grow their personal wealth.

We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.
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We offer payroll solutions that meet your business's needs and enable you to spend time doing what you do best--running your company.
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We offer a variety of services to help make sure that you are taking full advantage of Quickbooks' many features.
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